Wide Eyes Blend

Wide Eyes Blend

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Wide Eyes Blend

Wide Eyes Blend is our seasonal coffee and is an ongoing project to find a blend that is bright and clean. 

Currently we have two beautiful countries that are well known to produce some of the world's best coffees. Sourcing a great Brazilian produced by farmer Edurado Tozi, and a Ethiopian from Yirgacheffe region. We've created a true crowd pleaser.

Equally suited to those that love their coffee with milk or black. A clean tasting coffee that we also highly recommend as filter style of coffee.


Origin: Brazil and Ethiopia

Processing: Natural 

Flavour notes black: Fruit forward, berry sweetness, a little citrus on a milk chocolate base, smooth like caramel.

Flavour notes milk: Sweet, caramel and milk chocolate finish.

Roast Profile: Light, espresso

Espresso Recipe

  • Dose 18g
  • Yield 40g
  • Time 24-27sec
  • Temp 96 degrees celsius