Single Origin Series (Sold Out)

Single Origin Series (Sold Out)

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Get ready to be saved from having bad coffee ever again. You’ve sent out an S.O.S and we’ve answered! Single Origin Series (S.O.S) is about sourcing some of the best coffees that we can find. Roasted by us and delivered to your door within a week of the roast date. That means the freshest coffee and therefore flavour is maintained until first sip.

Single Origin Series (S.O.S) is about highlighting some of the best coffees in the world be it origin, farmer, producer or experimental/rare micro-lots. Something different every month delivered straight to your door in a neat little box.

What’s in the box for October's release?

  • 500g of 2 Premium Single Origin coffees (total of 1kg)
  • Information highlighting one of or all of the farm/producer/country/processing method
  • Brew Recipe to guide you to great tasting coffee

Other Information:

  • Same day roast and dispatch for freshness 
  • Free Express Shipping Australia Wide





April Release

This month is all about Ethiopian coffees, in particular those from the Yirgacheffe. Both lots are natural processed so expect bright flavours. Terroir plays a large role in how coffees tastes and Yirgacheffe are known for bright notes, floral characteristics, light texture and  well-balanced sweetness.

Ethiopia - Uraga 500g: 

Ethiopia - Aricha 500g: Strawberry and tropical fruits