Colombia - Yesid Castaneda (Espresso/Filter)

Colombia - Yesid Castaneda (Espresso/Filter)

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Colombia - Yesid Castaneda


Origin: Colombia

Region: Los Andes, Huila 

Producer/Farm: Finca Las Delicias

Varietal: Red and Yellow Caturra

Processing: Natural, Anaerobic 60 hour fermentation

Altitude: 1900-2000masl

Tasting Notes: Passion fruit, red grape and cocoa. Juicy, silky smooth body and medium acidity.


About this Coffee:

Huila is an exceptional region in Colombia for coffee growers and has taken honors regularly in the a competition for the worlds best coffee 'Cup Of Excellence' for many years. Furthermore Huila received Denomination of Origin status in 2013 due to the flavour profile of coffees being influenced by topography and climatic conditions. Huila's coffee is characterized by juicy acidity, perfect sweet balance and mild citrus.