Colombia - Dionel Chilito (Espresso/Filter)
Colombia - Dionel Chilito (Espresso/Filter)

Colombia - Dionel Chilito (Espresso/Filter)

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Colombia - Dionel Chilito

Farm: La Pradera 

Producer: Dionel Chilito

Region: Pitalito, Huila

Varietal: Geisha

Processing: Washed

Altitude: 1700masl

Tasting Notes: Lemongrass, lime and honeydew when hot. As the coffee cools other notes become apparent; blackcurrant, plum, orange and earl grey. A very juicy and vibrant coffee overall that has long lingering aftertaste.

About this coffee:

Producer Dionel Chilito grows Caturra, Colombia and Geisha at his farm, located in the Pitalito municipality of the Huila department. His father purchased the farm more than 45 years ago and since then, has involved his two sons and their families in planting and producing more coffee.

A well processed Geisha from the producer, which shows all the great qualities this famed varietal should. Dionel has experimented with different types of fermentation processes, trialling various types of storage techniques to improve the quality and cup score of his coffee. His geisha coffees are selectively picked when ripe, before being de-pulped the same day and dry fermented for up to 36 hours. The coffees are then washed in channels up to three times.