Rwanda - Twiteziembere

Rwanda - Twiteziembere

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Origin: Rwanda

Region: Nyamagabe

Producers: 32 small holder farmers

Variety: Red Bourbon

Process: Washed

Tasting notes: Juicy and bright with notes of green apple and grape with maple syrup sweetness.


About this Coffee:

Grown in the high hills surrounding Remera Washing Station by 32 small holder farmers. The farmers are members of the Twitezimbere Farmer’s Group, a small association of producers who deliver coffee to Buf Coffee company, who own and manage Remera along with three other washing stations.

The farmers who make up the Twitezimbere group come from a nearby village called Nyabubare. Recently they banded together and made the decision to process and market their coffees separately as a smaller, more selected lot. The group also provide each other with invaluable support, by sharing resources and labour during the busy harvest period. They named their association Twitezimbere, which roughly translates to ‘we work together for development’ in the local Kinyarwanda language.