Organic Ethiopia - Gelgulu Edemi

Organic Ethiopia - Gelgulu Edemi

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Origin: Ethiopia 

Producer:  Gelgulu Edemi

Region:  Yirgacheffe

Varietal:  Mixed Heirloom

Processing: Natural

Altitude: 1900-2000masl

Tasting Notes: Boozy, with notes of melon and mild lemon upfront, finished with walnuts and dark chocolate.

Certifications: Organic


About this Coffee:

Gelgulu Edemi Is a single producer farmer and has been exporting his coffees since 2013.

Yirgacheffe is located in the south of Ethiopia and is widely considered the birthplace of coffee. Each region is known for its unique flavour profile and Yirgacheffe's are known for their high quality natural processed coffee with fruit and berry flavours.


Filter Recipe (V60)


  • 15g ground coffee (medium-fine grind or we can pre-grind for you!)
  • 250ml water at 96 degrees celsius or water off the boil (let sit for 1min)
  • Rinsed filter paper
  • Scales
  • Timer 


  • Place v60 over cup on top of scales
  • First pour ~45ml and let bloom for 45secs
  • Split the rest of the water in 2 pours using concentric pour pattern (start in the middle and work your way out for even extraction)

Aim: Total brew time 2:30-2:45

Filter Recipe (Aeropress or other immersion brew)


  • 20g ground coffee (medium-coarse)
  • 100ml water at 94 degrees celsius or water off the boil (let sit for 2mins)
  • Rinsed filter paper in lid
  • scales 
  • Inverted aeropress
  • timer


  • Rapidly pour 100ml of water into Aeropress
  • Stir rapidly 20 times with a teaspoon or chop stick
  • Add lid to top
  • At 1mins place cup upside down on top of Aeropress brew chamber and flip right way up
  • Gently plunge for 20-30secs and remove
  • Add water to your preferred level of taste and Enjoy!

Aim: Total brew time 1:30

Espresso Recipe

18.5g In / 40g Out / Run time 30-32secs / Temp 93c