Brazil - Fazenda Ecoagricola

Brazil - Fazenda Ecoagricola

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Brazil - Fazenda Ecoagricola

Origin: Brazil, Mina Gerais

Region: Serra do Cabral

Producers: Marcelo & Roberto Flanzer

Farm: Fazenda Agricola

Varietal:  Red Catuaí

Processing: Natural

Altitude: 1100masl


Tasting Notes: Milk chocolate, butterscotch, hazelnut. Creamy mouthfeel.


About this Coffee:

This coffee comes from the Serra do Cabral plateau, a stunning region in the Chapada de Minas in the central north of the Minas Gerais State in Brazil. Fazenda Ecoagricola has been awarded Cup of Excellence 3 times in recent years (2017 #21, #25, 2019 #12) and embodies best practice with land sustainability being awarded Minas Gerais Quality Award – 1st place (2017 and 2019), RainForest Alliance “Best Sustainable Certified Coffee in Brazil” (2017).

Marcelo and Roberto have worked together on their family estate, Fazenda EcoAgricola, since they were very young. The farm was initially established in 1975 by their father, Henrique, who has since retired. Since the early 2000s, the farm has been managed by his two sons. Now, Marcelo oversees all of the production and quality control and Roberto manages the operations on the farm.

Marcelo and Roberto have focused on producing the highest quality coffee possible and balanced this objective carefully with working to preserve and protect the local water sources and preserve the natural forest areas. Over 50% (860 hectares) of the estate is dedicated to a natural reserve that has crystal clear streams, native Cerrado Bioma vegetation and abundant wildlife. Ecological corridors run throughout the estate, allowing the free movement of animals and help maintain the area’s ecosystem and biodiversity. The natural reserve also plays a role in acting to inhibit the development of coffee pests, and therefore the need for pest control and chemicals.

Environmental sustainability has always been intrinsic to the Flanzer’s family’s mission, and large portions of the estate have always been dedicated to a natural reserve.